Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going, Going.....

...and soon to be gone - hopefully!

Over the past few weeks I've been worrying away at the piles (mountains!) of finishing that need to be done.  There is now one huge (or two smaller) stacks of shawls and scarves that are done to the point of needing their hang/care tags and prices.

I also managed to wet finish a dozen and a half knitted scarves for donation to a worthy cause and will deliver them at the end of the month, ready for distribution for the winter. 

Winter, which is creeping ever closer.  We have not yet had snow but it could come at any time.  With the persistent wet weather and the dropping temps, it cannot be far away.  Perhaps the chilly weather will remind people that they need a new scarf or shawl when the craft fairs begin in just over two weeks.

Beginning the last weekend in October every weekend for the following 4 weeks will be another sales event.  The first two are here, then Vancouver (Circle Craft) and Calgary (Art Market).  At some point in there we are expecting for mom to a) move and b) have her surgery.  No stress! 

A friend has also offered to get some of my textiles to the Seattle Weavers Guild sale Oct. 27-29.  I'm very disappointed that I won't be there as it is always so inspirational to see what others have been making but perhaps next year I can make it again.

In spite of the above evidence of things being finished, there are still buckets more to do.  I will continue to work on them over the next few weeks and try to get as much as possible done before we leave for Vancouver.  Doug has booked the time off to work the craft fairs because we were thinking I would not be recovered enough to do them myself so I may let him take the lion's share of working in the booth and rest up for the out of town shows.  My energy is a tiny bit better every day but I don't have much stamina so I don't want to overdo it.

Got all of the warps for placemats woven and started wet finishing those hoping to get some of them ready for sale, too.  The first batch is ready for hemming as soon as I've finished hemming the Fox Fibre towels - nearly done!  Hemming is a great tv watching job. 

And the AVL is now up and weaving - more tea towels.  Blue and white this time.  I've got a whole lot of the singles 6 cotton to use up so I'll try it as weft for waffle weave towels and see how they look. 


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

When I first saw the picture, my first thought was how beautiful the colors are, and the design. Then I started reading and realized this a stack of your finishing pile, not a design. I so understand letting the finish work pile up and admire your efforts to reduce the stack.
I may have to weave the colors in your stack!

Laura Fry said...

In life the colours are not quite so subdued. It was another grey dreary day today. ;)


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

With all the weaving and experimenting and finishing you've been doing (while you're still not 100%), you've also been KNITTING? You are amazing! (Fun note - my verification word is a palindrome: ocyco)

Laura Fry said...

Knitting was my first textile craft. :) Learned when I was 6. I'm not very proficient but knitting garter stitch scarves using up bits of yarn that are too little to weave with, too much to throw away is a good end of the day 'creative fidgeting'.