Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Garment

This is another of the garments done for the monograph for GCW.  I was exploring how to make fabric for warm clothing - jackets and coats.  Darlene sewed most of them.

The above jacket was used as my primary winter jacket for about 7 years.  The base fabric was, again, Harris Tweed, with a very softly twisted singles wool as the lighter accent thread.  The web was fulled heavily. 

Originally I'd intended to brush the cloth but decided after fulling that the accent thread had bloomed sufficiently that brushing wasn't necessary.  In the end I think that was a good call because the accent thread did tend to pill and if it had been brushed, would likely have pilled even worse.  In the end the reason I got rid of the jacket was because the accent thread had pilled and 'shed' enough that it was looking worn even though the Harris Tweed was still in great shape.  :) 

Since I rarely wear a commercially made winter coat more than 7 years, I figured I'd gotten good value out of it and it was time to retire it.


Judith said...

I am loving these posts of your
garments. I originally started
weaving because I wanted to make garment fabric and somehow got really
sidetracked! (Way too many blankets
and tea towels). I'm feeling new
inspiration. Thanks :)

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Judith, the really nice thing about these coats is that I have actually worn some of them out. :)