Saturday, October 29, 2011

UNBC Artisans of the North

Not great photos but here's a peek at my booth this weekend

The craft fair at the university is a fairly low key affair.  The booths/tables line the halls and corridors of the university as well as the cafeteria, which is where we are located.

There is no entry fee - come one, come all - and the crowd is generally younger than at Studio Fair which happens next week.

Although it is supposed to start at 10 am the public, in their eagerness, usually starts coming around 9:30.  Which is partly why Doug was still hanging the mirror when shoppers began to descend.  :}

I am very happy to be in the cafeteria because it has lots of glass walls, therefore natural light.  Unfortunately today the snow that has been predicted for several days began to come down around noon and the day is dark and dreary.  The snow, once it sticks to the ground, will help to brighten things up.  And the snow is surely a good reminder that people need a scarf or shawl to keep the cold at bay?

Thankfully we were all moved in before the snow started - we are just keeping fingers crossed it stops for move out tomorrow evening.


Sandra Rude said...

I like your booth setup - the shelf/rack units are particularly nice. Hope the sales go well for you (today we had only about a dozen visitors to Open Studios).

Laura Fry said...

there were lots of people, most of them scared off by my prices. :} But by the end of the day there was sufficient to be satisfied and hope for tomorrow (although Sundays are generally family/lookie lou days here).