Wednesday, May 9, 2012


By the time I got home from the afternoon errand run it was time for dinner so I ate, watched some tv and finished knitting the sample of the BFL yarn I dyed last week.  The intention is to full it significantly and made a large bag.  Not entirely sure what sort of handle treatment I'll do for it yet - since this is a sample that is one of the things that needs to be worked out making this prototype.

No time to do the fulling before guild meeting - which actually started 5 minutes ago - guess who is going to be late?  Stay tuned for the finished cloth.

By the way, today is our anniversary.  It's been 42 years - where has the time gone!?

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Tien said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Sandra Rude said...

Congratulations and many happy returns!

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Doug! Where has the time gone, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, with wishes for many many more to come.

terri said...

Happy anniversary!

Laura Fry said...

Thanks - with all the issues surrounding mom's surgical recovery, the day nearly passed unnoticed. :)