Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaching and Learning

I'm not generally a 'green' person - it's not usually a colour that particularly appeals to me.  However I do notice that I tend to have colour 'moods' where a specific colour will appeal to me.  Usually it is something in the blue or red family, but this year I have found myself drawn to pastels and this combination of blue/greens.

In spite of the constant running around town getting mom to various medical appointments I have found some time to weave and am nearly finished this warp.  With any luck it will come off the loom today.  And then I'll turn my attention to the warp on the AVL - another green warp!

In the midst of all the to-ing and fro-ing the past couple of weeks I noticed that Interweave had announced their 'contest' where people could vote for their favourite teacher.  There are many great weaving teachers.  If you want to thank yours, you might take a minute to cast a vote.


Carol Rajala Johnson said...

Green is a calming color. I've always been drawn to the watery mix of blues and greens, especially when I get stressed. Can't imagine why you might be stressed nowadays, could you? ;-)

Laura Fry said...

A friend also reminded me that green is a 'healing' colour - yes we've needed some calm and healing lately!