Monday, May 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

So here is the green warp with beige weft.  It's more than a little bland but wait!  This is actually the back of the cloth!  Remember me, the lazy weaver?  When there are many lifts with most of the shafts up, I will turn the draft and weave the cloth from the back side in order to lift the fewest number of shafts.

While this photo isn't great, it shows the actual face of the cloth.  It's dark because I took the photo underneath with the shadow of the cloth making things rather dark down there.  I didn't get enough woven tonight to reach the back of the loom where it wasn't in so much shadow.

I don't remember when I beamed this warp - I rather suspect it was before mom's surgery and it has taken this long to get the studio sorted out so that I could actually finish dressing the loom.  After dinner I got started weaving, making sure there were no oopsies, getting the auto cloth advance adjusted properly and so on.  I'm hoping that I will be able to get a little weaving done tomorrow, although once again it will be a day filled with appointments and errands.  So perhaps it will have to wait until Thursday - we are loading the van on Wed.  A week early, which I don't really like to do - driving around with all my inventory in the back of the van!  But that's the way my schedule and Doug's works so....

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