Monday, May 21, 2012

An Educated Customer

Who better to be an appreciative customer for one weaver, than another?

This is my new jacket.  No I didn't weave it.  I saw some of Teena Tuenge's work when Barb took me on a  tour of Asheville, NC and to the Southern Highland Crafts Guild shop in March.  If I remembered Teena's business name I'd include a link here - when I find it I'll add to the comments.

I freely admit I've been avoiding all the handkerchief hems I've been seeing in the shops, but I loved Teena's fabric and one of her jackets was in my size - almost - so I tried it on.  And was sold - by the fabric, the cut of the jacket and her price.  :)

I chewed it over (could I really afford such a nice jacket?) during the flight back to Seattle, emailed Barb and asked if she had Teena's email address.  She did!  With a great deal of hesitation I emailed Teena, explained that I really liked the jacket I saw in the shop but that it didn't quite fit and would she consider making me a jacket with a slight adjustment?

She sent instructions for where to measure, my friend Betty did the honours and Teena sent some pictures of fabric she had on hand and could make up.  The cloth is a bit darker than that shown in this photo, and it looks about perfect for me with all the dark blues, blacks and teals that I wear.  :)

I'll actually get it when I go visit Betty in September.  In the meantime I hope I don't gain any more weight!  Incentive to stop eating like a you-know-what????

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barbara said...

Laura - your new jacket looks wonderful. Wow, and yes, you do deserve it!!!! Wear it with pride, and it's great we support each other.
Looking forward to seeing a picture of you wearing the jacket, I know we have to wait until the fall.
Weaverly yours .... Barbara

Anonymous said...

Laura, you will look beautiful in your new jacket. Please don't forget to post pictures when you receive it. You deserve a nice gift to yourself once in a while - I am glad you bought the jacket!