Sunday, June 13, 2021



Mount Robson on a sunny day

In the 'normal' times, I'd be heading off to Olds for Fibre Week about now.

But the times are 'interesting', not 'normal', and so I'm staying home.

Yesterday I finished the 10th warp of towels using up the cotton flake.  Today is a Sunday Seminar, and my studio is a bit of a mess in dire need of tidying, if not exactly deep cleaning.

Yesterday I also got the 2nd vaccination against covid and so far I have a tender arm, but not much else in the way of after effects.  Which in a way isn't good because I don't know how effective the vaccine will be for me and my compromised immune system.  All I can do is take the best advice I can get, which is to have the vaccine, and hope for some protection.

Today, then, I'm taking things 'easy' (so to speak).  Once the seminar is done I'll be working on setting up the studio for the next (short) series of towels.  This time the goal is to use up as much of some 8/2 variegated cotton I inherited.  I'm not exactly sure how far each large cone will go, but I'm pretty sure there is more there than needed for a warp or more of towels.  And if there isn't, I have other options that can be used.

I'll vacuum the floor and get all those bits removed from the carpet.  I'll also move some bins so that the filtered fan can be run while I'm weaving in hopes of reducing some of the lint that will fly off the very loosely spun 8/2 cotton.  Keep as much of it out of my lungs as possible.

If there is time and energy left after that, I will begin setting up the spool rack and get things ready to begin beaming the next warp tomorrow.  Beyond that, I'm not sure that I will do much of anything except maybe walk (if it's not raining) or read my library book (because I have four at home and I want to read all of them!)

I have been enjoying the longer daylight hours but the solstice will soon be upon us and the days will begin to shorten again.  Soon enough it will be winter again.  Funny how the days seem to drag and the weeks to fly by...


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Thanks for organizing the Sunday Seminars. I'm really enjoying our tour around the world of weaving.