Monday, September 20, 2021



This photo is from a few years ago, taken in October.  In September, the leaves are only just beginning to turn colour, but it has been chilly and damp and autumn is very much here.

Autumn is the time of year when many things begin after the summer hiatus.  School.  New year for some organizations.  

My local guild has, like many others, been very curtailed during Covid.  Members haven't been able to even meet in the guild room for months at a time.  And we were just beginning to make plans for the coming autumn/winter when covid put a kibosh on our plans as the numbers began spiraling upwards again.

It's hard to keep a leisure activity going when you can't do anything you are used to doing.  No drop-ins, no workshops, no community outreach.

But time marches on, rent has to be paid, regardless of a lack of income, and on line events only go so far.

However, the local craft fair is scheduled to go ahead the first weekend of November and the guild has a booth so we are hoping it will go ahead as planned.  After that, we expect to have a sale in the guild room for a few weekends (or by appointment).  Our members could use some income - and so can the guild.

I'm well into procrastination mode today although I have managed to pick my way through a few things.  I guess I'm like so many others - caught in the web of uncertainty with the federal election today and on going covid issues.  

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

One can hope.

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/anne... said...

My guild - Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria (that's Australia, not to be confused with other Victorias) - has thoroughly and finally embraced technology.

Regular zoom meetings, for the guild and individual groups, and emailing newsletters instead of mailing them. We've had several lockdowns, so this has been a lifeline for many.

Somehow, I don't think we'll go back to paper newsletters; the time and money saved is substantial.