Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Learning Continues


One of the attractions for me about weaving was the potential.  The vast potential involved in choosing a yarn, developing an interlacement, combining colours, textures.  

It has been a life long journey of exploration and experimentation.  One that is still not over.

Weaving someone else's designs has proved valuable to me on many levels.  Interesting to note how other people process the information and then document it.  How they work with the processes involved.  In many ways this has been extremely helpful as a teacher, seeing how other people visualize and chart the information.

As I work through the Next Big Project, it has been enlightening to see how someone then takes MY information, charts, documentation, then applies their area of expertise to the project.  

One of the things I have had to fine tune is the concept of flexibility.  As I work with students, listening to what they are asking, then intuiting what their questions actually mean, shining a light on the process that brings greater understanding to them.  Constantly turning that mirrored ball to and fro, examining this bit here, then that bit over there and how they play off each other.

It's why every short answer to pretty much every weaving question asked depends.

This morning we had a meeting about the project and it was very helpful to have two other sets of eyes looking at the materials.  While one person was processing the information in terms of camera angles and set up, another set was working from more that of a student, questioning what needed to be shown.  My viewpoint was from the teaching aspect of course.  

But at the end of the conversation, I think we all came away with a much clearer idea of what will be needed on the day(s).

We also discussed further working together on other aspects of weaving that can't be covered within the framework that we are dealing with.  

This makes me very happy, to think that my knowledge will continue on, one way or another.  Not that I haven't taught a lot of people, but one person can only personally interact with so many people.  This project will hopefully reach a new audience, and allow what I know to continue.

When I 'retired' I really had no idea of what my future would look like.  I had a vague idea that I would like to continue weaving, but balked at the idea of more dark o'clock flights.  I also didn't see myself being able to do virtual teaching - I just didn't have the technology and skills required.

Now I'm working with an experienced team.  And hopefully everything will continue to move forward and the first week of October we'll get it done.  And talk about the future.

For now I have a list of samples to weave for someone also trying to teach from their point of view and needing help with the weaving end.  Because I support all efforts to get good information circulated, not just mine.  The sooner I get those samples done, the sooner I can start pulling the studio apart for the trip to the coast.

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