Thursday, September 2, 2021

Two Months


It took just two months to go from a very low case count to routinely running around 650-800 cases of covid.  Per day.

Today the BC health officer held a press conference to answer questions about what will happen now that numbers are rising, not just in a couple of hard hit regions, but the more northern, more geographically remote areas of the province.  Including my town.

The announcements of limited access to *non-essential* events to only people who have been vaccinated seems to have spurred renewed interest in people finally getting vaccinations, but yesterday also saw a slew of protests by the anti-crowd.  They targeted hospitals, making life difficult for people who are sick or needing tests that could only be done in a hospital.  And showing the utmost disrespect for the health care workers who have been working their asses off to try and help people who fell ill for the past 19 months - not just covid patients but anyone who has needed health care.

Thankfully my appointment for a CT scan was today but I left the house a bit early just in case there were any lingering pockets of angry protestors.  There weren't, and I sat and read my book.  The waiting area was not full, and some of the chairs had been marked 'do not sit here' to enable at least a modicum of spacing.  And of course, everyone was wearing a mask.  Properly.

I haven't heard the full report of the press conference, but our town has shown a sudden growth in cases over the past 10 days, which is all very concerning, especially with school starting next week.

In the meantime, I'm hoping that more stringent measures will 'save' Thanksgiving (in October in Canada) and (selfishly) my filming dates, the first week of October.

To that end I worked on the schedule again today and now I'm going to work on the weave-a-long project for the class.

I'm not sure I've done the spreadsheet correctly, but I'm going to send my more extensive notes (7 pages!) with more detail than is needed in the spreadsheet.  I figure they can take what they need and ignore what they don't.  But it's information that will keep me on track during filming.

I don't have a script, so I just wrote out a Coles Notes version of the topics I want to cover, in the order I want to do them.  The hardest part was estimating the times.  But just giving it my best guess, I have 236 minutes scheduled with an estimate of 240 minutes for the class.

Now, if I could only pretend I knew what I was doing when I did that.  (Impostor Syndrome is strong!)

At this point in time I am nearly ready for the trip.  There are still some things that need to be done, but the biggest part of the job is there.  I just need to find my written notes for the project, not just the drafts.  Either that or I do another yarn wrap to figure out epi, then crunch the numbers for width/length for an actual project warp, not just a sample warp.

Little by little, day by day.  We get through this.

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