Friday, September 10, 2021



Yesterday, after being out for much of the afternoon getting some personal maintenance dealt with, I came home and found myself with little energy.  In spite of having several projects on the go, I couldn't face working on any of them.

Eventually I decided that I needed to clear some things out of my life - at least to the point of not having to re-do the work when I picked them up again later.  So I grabbed some of the silk cones and began winding scarf warps.  Getting creative when the stash finally goes down can be challenging, so I picked through what was left, made some tweaks, and eventually got two warps wound.  There is enough for one more warp, and then I might consider myself done with my hand dyed silk yarn.  I'm pretty sure I know one or two people who could put whatever is left to good use.

Getting the warps wound is freeing up some mental space so that I can switch to the rainbow spectrum of yarns on the right hand side of my work table.  I crunched the numbers, edited it to resolve a couple of small issues, but felt too muzzy headed to carefully wind a fairly complex stripe sequence.  However, I did manage to make up a cheat sheet to take to the warping board, so I can begin winding the cotton as soon as I've finished the 3rd and last silk scarf warp this morning.

The month of September has turned into a rather busy time.  In addition to my own work, I'm doing some work for another weaver/designer, plus prepping the filming which is set to happen in early October.  I'm so grateful the brain fog has lifted, which has made all this prep work so much easier to cope with.

But we are still dealing with a pandemic, and in Canada a federal election which is getting quite ugly on many levels.  Ten more days of campaign to survive and then we find out what kind of nation we truly are.  It's all been rather stressful after 18 months of pandemic worries.

Today's place of meditation:

Holy Creator, thank you for artists:  visual, verbal, musical, kinesthetic, spiritual...Within their creative process may we recognize the divine in all creation and be moved to awe and wonder and worship.  Chris Glaser

Today I will return to the studio and carry on.  I have little to offer this world but my creativity.  I consider creativity positive energy, so I will do my best to plant some today.  And every day.

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