Saturday, September 4, 2021

September Dawn


It's September, Labour Day weekend.  My iPad camera didn't do this gentle dawn justice, but shows the movement of the sun from the north, on its journey to the south.

It started to rain, shortly after I took the photo.  A gentle rain which likely didn't bring much in the way of water, but no thunder, so that was good.  There are not too many wildfires in the area where I live, and our town has been spared much of the smoke plumes over the summer.

Yesterday, after working for several (more) hours on the filming schedule and other associated documentation, I took a deep breath and decided I needed to withdraw from the madding crowd.  I'd forgotten I had wound the next silk warp, but when I 'found' it sitting patiently on my work table, it was like my past me had given future me a gift.  

I rough sleyed and beamed the warp, stopped for lunch, then went down and threaded/sleyed and lashed on, weaving a few picks for a header.  Then I stopped for a break and started weaving.

By 4:30 I'd nearly finished the first scarf.  It's going more quickly because I'm using a slightly thicker rayon slub, so fewer picks per inch.  I'm not complaining!  I've used this yarn combination before and I know it will make a nice scarf.  And because only the warp is silk, I can price them lower than for 100% silk.

Today is a sort of rest day.  I will continue working on the current silk warp, then check my laptop is working, pull the samples for the Zoom on Sunday, maybe a few books.  

Until I hear back from the team, things will be quiet, which means probably until Tuesday, given the holiday.  I'm hoping I can finish this warp and begin the next over the long weekend.

I'm feeling a wee bit nervous about these classes.  I don't feel like I know enough about how to get content into a good format, but I do know how to thread ideas together.  So I've relied heavily on my past experience and the little bit I DO know.

In the meantime, covid continues, but the number of new cases in BC dropped on Friday, so fingers crossed the newer more strict measures will do the job and we can start tamping the virus down.  Selfishly I really want these to work so I can go to Vancouver and do the taping.  And then discuss with the team any further collaboration that might be possible.  

Time will tell.

In the meantime, we continue our slow steady progress to autumn, then winter.  Here's hoping for a much better 2022 with less covid around and more in person activities a reasonable expectation.  But if not, at least we have more options for on line things.

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