Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Maintenance. It's a 'Thing'


Instead of juggling a multitude of deadlines (although I still am, just spaced out further apart) I find myself juggling more and more self maintenance appointments.  

Nothing fancy.  Nothing glamourous.  Just...keeping this body running as best I can.

I had high hopes of getting the current warp off the loom today but after an hour in the dentist's chair, I'm not so eager to go toss a shuttle.  Maybe I'll feel better in a bit.

This week is a 'short' one with Monday being a holiday.  But it's been full of stuff anyway.  

I've been working on project notes for some ghost weaving I'm going to be doing, but also trying to finish the silk warp on the loom.  Turns out I need that loom for the project after all.  (shrug.)  In the end it's fine because the silk warp is only long enough for two scarves, one of which I finished yesterday, the second I got to the halfway point before I stopped for lunch.

But all this maintenance is also proving to be a bit of a hit to the old pocketbook.  Sigh.

We are well into autumn, even though the trees are just now starting to turn colour.  The mountain ash trees are covered in berries although their leaves are still mostly green.  It won't take long for the colour to come on.

This weekend I have a Zoom on Saturday, another on the Sunday, another on the following Saturday and then one more on Sunday.  September ends with a last Zoom on the 26th.  That will most likely be the last one for that study group so the following months should taper off in terms of deadlines.

And then we will be packing for the trip to Vancouver, covid willing.

In the meantime, I need to keep going.  Keep working on the Big Projects.  Keep trying new things, different things.  Adjusting what I do, for how long and how frequently.

Currently reading Lost Boys by Faye Kellerman


Bette Nordberg said...

Glad you are caring for yourself. No one else can do this for you! I've noticed you asking yourself deep questions about your worth in the weaving world, etc, and then today I noticed that at the top of your blog you have more than 2 MILLION page views. If that isn't influence, I'm Kamala Harris! I think the universe is made of the small interactions, the one-on-ones that no one really sees or applauds. These are the ones that count; and of course you do these. But 2 million page views? Relax girl. You ARE influence!

Laura Fry said...

I don’t know about influence. Mostly I just want to help people. The past few years have been difficult and sometimes it’s good to ask the deep questions. See if the things I thought were important previously are still important. Thanks for reading.