Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Marking Time


Time marches on.  The sun moves through the sky.  Seasons change.  Tides flow.

People make up lists of things to do, tick them off.  Become overwhelmed at everything that needs doing.  

Energy ebbs.

At times, projects take on a life of their own.  Working with a team means communication and feedback.  And sometimes you have to wait until you get that feedback.

I found myself with no particular project to work on, over the weekend, but still the giant stash that needs weaving down.  So while I waited for word on the two big projects I'm working on, I continued with the silk scarves.  I'm also waiting for a call back from my doctor, re: my prescription and the results of the CT scan I had last week.  As the time ticks on with no word, I am getting more anxious.  I know I'll hear back when the results come in - if my doctor hasn't received them yet, there isn't much information to pass on.  But I'd sure like to hear about the status of my new pain killers/Rx. 

OTOH, I heard back from the second project I am working on, so I've reviewed the documentation, printed out the information, and am about to head to the studio to begin crunching numbers.  It's not a particularly difficult weaving assignment but detailed.  So I'm going to have to work out a very clear way of documenting those details so I don't make any mistakes.  If I can get that done before lunch, I can weave on the warp currently in the loom I need to use because, not knowing when I'd get the information, I had dressed the loom again.  It's not a long warp, though, just two scarves, and that should come off the loom tomorrow.  About the time the project warp will be wound, ready to be beamed.

In the meantime, do I try phoning the doctor's office again or wait and see if their new call back system works and they call me...?

Time for some distraction.  Crunching numbers for the next warp will probably be enough to take my mind off of the waiting.  If I'm going to mark time, I might as well do something productive while I'm waiting...

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