Thursday, October 6, 2022

Unpacking Fun

 Just rolled in the door from Vancouver.  

The weather held for the entire trip, which was lovely.  The drive each way was nice.  We were stopped several times for road construction so the trip down was 12 hours.  There were fewer delays and not very heavy traffic coming home so the return trip was about 10 hours.   

We are both tired and will finish unloading the van tomorrow.  For tonight we just brought in our personal items and food.

Autumn advanced while we were gone.  There is a lot more yellow and orange on the foliage now.  There may have been frost while we were away, it’s certainly chilly enough the furnace is running.  

But I have a new warp on the Megado, and a rayon chenille scarf warp for the Leclerc, so I’m hoping to at least get started on those in the morning. 

I got release dates on the classes, but they may change which one gets done first.  Let’s just say that the editor is going to have fun with the rough footage.  So glad I don’t have to learn that skill and can leave it to a professional.  :)

It takes a village, in so many ways.  I’m pleased to work with such enthusiastic folk.

For now it’s back to the usual.   I’m looking forward to just spending some time with my looms.  And keep picking away at my stash.  

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