Monday, October 3, 2022

Lace Weaves Class


Today we did the lace weaves class.  By the time they edit out the brain freezes and verbal stumbles, it should be ok.  I think people are more flexible and forgiving of such missteps live so I’m glad they have a good editor to remove them from the recording.  

Tomorrow we will begin the sectional beaming, which is going to run over to Wednesday.  Photos will be taken of the samples I brought and I will add more info to the drafts I used today so they can be captioned for the website.  Still lots more post production that has to be done.  

The photo was the set up at 10 am.   After lunch everything was reset again for the ‘lecture’ part.  By the time we left, looms had been rearranged and new camera angles will be decided upon for the demonstration part of that topic.  Coffee breaks?  Who had time?  We sure didn’t!

Yes, it’s a juggling act as we get all the info needed, doing it out of order at times to make the recording more efficient.  If we did it all in real time, in order, it would take a lot longer.  Not to mention, being willing to sacrifice some yarn to illustrate a point or three.  

When we stopped for lunch we ate outside.  It’s the first week of October and it’s still very mild, and not raining.  It looks like the weather will continue like this until we get home.  It’s autumn, but so mild it’s easy to forget winter will soon be upon us.   I will be glad to get home before it arrives.  

I’m looking forward to weaving off the last of the heavy linen, maybe that cotton and linen ply yarn.  I keep finding more yarn tucked away in corners!  But that is partly because some of the boxes are now emptied and I can see what is on the shelves behind the boxes.  So I’m not discouraged, yet.   Going to be making more tea towels for a while though. 

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