Sunday, October 2, 2022

Some Progress


Over the past few days I have picked away at the hemming pile.  Two more and these blue and white ones will be done.  But never fear, I have two more bins filled with more.  

These look like they are all the same, but they are not.  I used four different wefts, three linen, one 2/20 mercerized cotton.  Two are woven with a thicker linen, and visually different.  The other three are woven in yarn much closer to the same thickness and are harder to tell apart.  

I’m going to try and keep them separated because there are two friends I want to gift the ones with the very fine linen to, and will charge less for the 100% cotton ones.  

It’s a pleasant day and we have quite a nice view out of the hotel room window.  I would much rather be at home but there are three more days to work through.  The good news is that it looks like the weather will be nice until we get home.  

Little by little, I pick away at the pile.  

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Juli S said...

And that is progress, one towel at a time. Despite brain fog and pain, disruption and covid, you have continued to produce a mountain of work. You should be proud of the way you continue to soldier on in all that life has thrown at you. A good example for me!