Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making Like a Tortoise

I took some 'me' time this weekend.  Saturdays I've been going to a dance conditioning class and I've missed quite a few this spring so I made a point of getting to class on Saturday.  It will move to Monday evenings after the end-of-year dance recital next weekend and I've benefited so much from attending I plan to carry on throughout the summer.  Beginning in September I'll be on the road again and classes will be hit and miss until December.  Mostly I need the stretching but my balance has improved so much.  After breaking my ankle two years ago my balance was very poor - now I can actually stand on one leg without toppling over.  :)

Today I went and made some lace with friends and finished off the bookmark I'd been working on.  We ordered some new prickings which should be here soon, but I wound more bobbins for the design I just finished - mainly because it's simple and easy and that seems very attractive right now while things in the weaving studio are getting a bit....pressured.

The first rep warp is off, taped and cut apart, the next warp is in the loom and the first two yards woven.  I'm having to really pace myself on it because weaving it is not friendly to my neck.  However between weaving the rep and sewing the above samples, progress has been made.  The first 50 are now sewn.  I am trying to co-ordinate the wet finishing of the last 3 samples so that they all get done at once, either next Sunday or early the following week.

So the coming week I will focus on continuing to weave and sew samples, still aiming to hit the July 9 publication date.  Without a deadline I'd never get anything done.  There are simply too many interesting distractions!

If you want to be notified when A Good Yarn: Cotton is ready, email me and I'll put you on my contact list.  Or eventually details will be posted here.

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