Friday, June 15, 2012

No Pressure!

tower of samples ready to be stapled to the card stock

The deadline for A Good Yarn is not just looming but towering, almost literally, over me!  Not only am I still weaving samples, I discovered today that I'd been overly generous in the size of the rep weave samples which will require not one, but two more warps!  Warps that I'm not much enjoying weaving because two shuttles are required, but even worse, are hard on my neck.  :(

The last time I did any significant weaving of rep weave I was much younger and much less 'damaged' (whip lash).

However, this is the last of the samples - there are 10 in all - and the first warp is off the loom and being cut apart.  As soon as that is done I'll wind the next warp and see if I can't get it into the loom tomorrow and start weaving on Sunday.

The sewing of the four-sided fringed sample has begun.  Now that the ice has been broken, so to speak, it should not take terribly long to get them ready for wet finishing.  I'm hoping to get the last three samples ready to be wet finished on June 24 or 25.  I've already warned Doug that he may be conscripted to do the stapling.  It will take at least 3 or 4 days to get all the project notes, drafts etc., ready plus the text still needs to be written.  Getting it all done by July 9 will be a bit of a challenge but as I've said before - I'm deadline driven and with the deadline so very close, towering over me as it were, I'm hoping to shove procrastination aside and power on through - on time.  Of course that is assuming that Staples can do the copying of the pages on a tight deadline!

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