Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Difficult Day

Recently I found out that the railway museum which my brother supported as a volunteer and then as an employee and where, ultimately he died, is establishing a memorial for him.  Today I found out that they are planning on using my eulogy as part of that memorial.

My brother Don was a huge supporter of my efforts as a weaver and writer.  As I've written elsewhere he turned his basement over to be used as the assembly station and storage for Magic and other publications that I did subsequently.

Putting together A Good Yarn has brought back memories of my brother and today I've melted in emotion at the thought of the memorial finally coming together and that my words at the service will be used to honour him.

"I can think of no greater example to follow than Don's.
Be bold enough to have a dream.
Be brave enough to try to make it come true.
Live life with joy and love.
And every day, work to be a better person."

My younger - my only - brother (and sibling) taught me to be a better person.  He will always be in my heart, especially today as I pick up the text pages for A Good Yarn and finish assembling the first 75 copies.

How I wish he were here in person rather than spirit (although I know that he is) to enjoy this next publication with me.

detail of jacket I wove for Don - Don charted the design of the Royal Hudson engine - jacket was sewn by Darlene Wainwright and is now part of the railway museum collection


Sue said...

Your words brought tears to my eyes. I lost my daughter 4 years ago, and it sounds like they were kindred souls. Her motto was "Dance like nobody's watching". I just finished making myself a shawl from the last of the yarn I dyed in her honor, from which I made socks for all her important people. I wish I had her (and your brother's) knack for becoming a better person.

Laura Fry said...

Loved ones who leave too soon leave a hole that can never be filled, just learned to be lived with. So sorry about your daughter. :(


Sue Bye said...

I remember that jacket displayed atANWG in Prince George. What a great tribute to your brother. My sister died 17 years ago of colon cancer. I have the horoscope shawl I wove for her. I keep it in a drawer, but occasionally I take it out and remember her.


Laura Fry said...

So sorry about your sister. :(