Friday, July 27, 2012

Pear Shaped

I'm blaming the phase of the moon.  Whatever phase it's in, it's the moon's fault.

Seems like when things start to go wrong, they keep going wrong.  It started with winding this warp -  distraction levels were far too high and I made mistakes winding the correct number of threads for the stripes and had to correct myself several times.

Today the distractions were continuing.  I didn't straighten out the loops in the warp properly and wound up with snarls and two broken ends in one of the grey stripes.

Now the set is 32 epi and the grey stripe is quite wide - how much difference is the loss of two ends going to make?  Considering that this warp is primarily a practice warp for my student, how bent out of shape was I going to let myself get about a couple of broken ends?

I decided that I wasn't.  Going to get bent out of shape, that is.  So I just ignored the two grey ends, pulling them out of the warp chain, brushing the warp from one end to the other because there were just too many loose threads to 'milk' out by hand without spending hours doing it.

It's ready to thread now and I'll start.  Thank goodness I'd decided on a very simple threading because I really don't think I could manage anything 'complicated'!  It's the phase of the moon.  It's wrong.


charlotte said...

I know those days, or time of the day when nothing works and I produce mistake after mistake. Very boring and stressful!
Wish you turning of the moon and better luck :-)

Laura Fry said...

I took the rest of the day 'off' and am about to go thread that warp now. With any luck the phase of the moon has changed sufficiently that I can do that without further 'challenges'. :^)