Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Post - Peg Cherre

 Warping valet update:  After my first use of the valet with rayon (that was my blog post), I did another rayon warp.  Partly because I was into a rayon weaving mode, and partly because I specifically wanted to do another 'easy' warp while I continued to get the hang of the new process.  It felt less 'wrong' than the first, although still odd.

Then I decided it was time to try something more challenging -- after all, I really want to get to using the valet with rayon chenille, but didn't want to jump right to the RC shawl I have in mind (what if it messed up with all that yarn?!).  So I went with an unmercerized cotton warp.  170 ends, 9 yards long.  Not only was it an 8/2 unmercerized, it wasn't highly twisted, and was a tiny bit nubbly.  What better test than that?!

No surprise to you, I'm sure, but that unmercerized cotton went on like a dream!!  Not a snag, a twist, a snarl, or a frustration.  It wound as quickly as that smooth, shiny rayon had.  You KNOW that wouldn't have happened if I was working in my pre-valet, no-tension beaming mode!

Needless to say, I am a warping valet convert.  I'm getting out my screw gun and installing those hooks & eyes on my breast beam so I can lose the street brick.  And moving one of the eye hooks in my ceiling that I didn't place well, unfortunately - as I think I mentioned, I hate making big holes in lovely wood.  Maybe I can figure out how to put some wood putty up there in the old hole so it doesn't look nasty.  (Actually, I should probably move both hooks to make the valet be the best, but I can't bring myself to do that.)

You mentioned that you prepare your rayon chenille warps for the valet 1 thread at a time vs. 2, but you said you often have thin stripes that make this work best, as well as the specifics of RC yarn.  Is it safe to assume that you've tried 2 threads at a time and 1 works better?  Obviously twice as much time at the warping board, but it'd be time well spent if the RC beams as smoothly as the unmercerized cotton!



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