Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am currently reading a book recommended by a friend entitled "Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking" by Susan Cain.

I found it interesting that she observed that because you are an introvert doesn't mean you are shy, although  shy people are mostly introverts.

Personally I fell very solidly in the Introvert end of the spectrum of the Myers-Briggs personality test - which was no great surprise to me as I suffered from shyness most of my childhood and still fight against the urge to hide in a corner in social situations.  Those that don't involve weavers, that is.

The book is very interesting although I expect that the people who read it will be introverts.  :^)

This morning I finished the brick red warp on the loom and beamed the next warp (next to last!) which is a darker brown/brick red.  I am on schedule to finish the scarf warps in time to dress the loom with the tea towel warp for my student to start weaving on in a week.  Then, of course, they have to be fringe twisted, wet finished, trimmed, tagged/priced.  And sold.  The job isn't finished until they are sold....

This afternoon I met with a friend who makes bobbin lace and I finished the bookmark I started last time we got together.  Now the anticipation of which pattern to do next!  I'm thinking of offering one or two as auctions for fund raisers on Weavolution.  They are trying to raise money to fund the next round of improvements.


DebbieB said...

I just started reading "Quiet" too, Laura. I'm a "dyed-in-the-wool" introvert myself, and the book was recommended to me by (wait for it) another introvert. :)

Laura Fry said...

Of course it was - so is my friend. ;)

Louisa said...

I used to think I was an extrovert but the older I get the more introverted I feel. Have you seen Susan's TED talk? Fascinating. Now I want to read the book too!

Loree Jackson said...

My husband read that book and said it was very good. And yes, he is an introvert ;)

charlotte said...

I guess it might be an advantage to be introvert as a weaver, we work on our own a lot. A very extrovert person would perhaps get bored.
The lace is very lovely, and I never understood how people manage to make it, it looks enormously complicated. Congratulations :-)

Anonymous said...

Susan Cain was a participant in this year's Booktopia Vermont, a reader and author retreat hosted by my favorite book podcasters. You can listen to her here: