Friday, July 6, 2012

Keeping On

I started by stapling 50 of each sample but realized I have more than 50 names on my contact list.  Since I'm an optimist, I decided that I'd better begin with 75 copies (half) so I've been doing 25 more of each in preparation to assembling the sample pages next week.  Hopefully Monday, although the forecaster finally seems to have got it right and the warm sunny weather they have promised has arrived.

Thankfully the a/c is working and the studio, which is in the basement, is nice and cool.

My proof reader has completed the project notes and is now working on the rest of the pages, I took some photos for the cover shot - still not entirely sure I like what I've got but I have to stop procrastinating - and we are planning on carrying all the samples up to the guild room Sunday night so I can spread out on the big work tables in the room.

Unfortunately the guild room always gets very hot when the weather is warm so I'm going to have to plough through as quickly as possible so that I don't bake up there.  My procrastination is 'punishing' me - if I'd got this all done a week ago the room would have been quite comfortable!

I did manage to weave a scarf today but there is still one more to go on this warp so perhaps I can get that done tomorrow in between stapling, contract details for a conference, etc.  I also have to do the sales tax return which means balancing the May ledger and entering/balancing the figures for June before I can do that.  Fortunately I've got a couple of weeks yet so that's been postponed until I can get the Big Project off the ground.  When you are a one person business, you have to get good at juggling to meet deadlines....

Long story short - I will be sending out details on July 9 with shipping to begin July 16.  So I've sort of nearly made my arbitrary deadline?

Currently reading Believing the Lies by Elizabeth George


Sandra Rude said...

Deadlines are indeed the best motivator! Good for you keeping the project on schedule. The book looks like it'll be very useful to the weaving community!

denise/deBrat said...

woohoo! the book is nearly ready for purchasing, yea! i am eagerly awaiting that moment.