Friday, July 20, 2012


With the completion of A Good Yarn: Cotton my attention is now focused on the next deadline, which is two-fold - inventory for the upcoming shows and the arrival of my student.  This morning I finally finished winding the last of the soy protein fibre warps and pulling the yarn for the student warp which has to be put onto the loom and ready for her to weave on by the 30th of this month.

In the back of my mind I'm also mulling over whether or not I should do another fibre publication and what that should consist of.  So far feedback has been positive for rayon and goodness knows, I've got lots of it on hand.  I will have to buy some for the samples, but probably not a lot.  Of course I still have to source other types of rayon yarns to see what is available.  I have rayon chenille, Bambu from Silk City (I will have to buy more of the size 12 as I'm nearly out), 2/8 bamboo and 2/8 Tencel from Brassard (and Halcyon) and I think Brassard has a couple of other rayons.  But since I don't buy a lot of yarns from the US unless I have to (avoiding customs/duty), I will have to find out what else is available commonly in the US

I also still have enough card stock to do one more publication about the same (10 samples, 150 copies) without having to invest in more of that kind of paper.

But very soon I will be thrust into a hectic travel/show schedule so there is lots of time to see how AGY: Cotton will be received and whether or not I invest 9 or 10 months in doing another publication.

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Barbara said...

Rayon would be a great next step as would silk.....

mageez said...

Hi Laura
my vote would be for linen. I do a lot of linen weaving. there so so many different kinds and some handle differently than others.
just my 2 cents.

Laura Fry said...

Yes, linen is on the list. Since I would have to buy all of the yarn for that, I may well go with the rayons first. Path of least resistance! :D