Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Carrying On


After my blog post yesterday, I asked on Facebook if people might be interested in short videos.  I was thinking of taking just one of the points out of my long form presentations and doing maybe 5 minutes (or less) and posting to You Tube.  I have - amazingly enough - over 1000 subscribers to my You Tube 'channel' so I could look at monetizing the content and maybe earn a little bit of money that way.

Or I could look at other options.

Platforms such as You Tube seem to be getting more and more problematic in terms of small producers like me and a number of people have suggested other platforms.

So I did some poking around.  In the end I wasn't happy with anything I found and then I remembered that is it possible to load short videos to this platform.

So I will think about how I might do this kind of thing.  

I have been using blogspot since 2008 when I started this 'diary' and it's pretty simple to use.  I can also link this site to Facebook and Twitter and could possibly also link to my ko-fi page.

For a number of reasons, this week has been more challenging and I'm short of spoons right now.  But I can use my weaving time to let ideas like this percolate on the back burner.  

Bottom line, I'd like to stay with programs/platforms I am currently using, not throw myself into another pool at the deep end.  Since I've bought a PRO Zoom account, I might as well avail myself of that even if it isn't 'perfect'.  My goal is not to become the next TicTok sensation but just to continue to provide information about weaving principles to those who might be interested.  

Given my dwindling supply of energy, doing short form video clips would be less taxing on me.  So - lots to mull over.

But the concept seems to be of interest to enough people, so I am cautiously heading in that direction.

As always - time will tell...

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Peg Cherre said...

Your continued generosity with your knowledge and expertise is truly appreciated. Thank you.