Friday, May 7, 2021

Stash Diving


Many of these tubes are now reduced in size, but very few have been emptied.  Yet.

My goal was to use up the cotton flake, and to that end I have mostly succeeded.  The dyed flake is pretty much gone and I'm working my way through the large mill tubes - about 2 pounds each.  Each tube seems to be doing one warp.  I have 5 of these tubes left, so another five warps.

In the process of digging through my stash I found some dyed and undyed cotton boucle (loop) so now I'm thinking that should be next after the flake is used up.  I can use the same set up for warps, weave the hems in 2/8 and the body of the towel in plain weave.  I've done this before and it works well for general toweling.  But I could as easily do those on the 4 shaft loom so I'm trying to decide if I weave all that plain weave on the 16 shaft Megado or not.  Do I want to hand wind chains and dress 11 meter long 24" in the reed warps, or beam them sectionally?  I think I know which way I'm leaning.  :D

I also have a warp pulled to begin working on the linen in my stash.  I have a large cone of a single yarn, a little bit coarse, not line but not as hairy as tow.  It may just be a poorer line quality generally.  In spite of that, I know it makes great towels, so I'll use it on 2/8 cotton for warp.

But I'm running low on colour options in the 2/8 cotton so I may have to switch to scarves and spend some time working on my finer rayon yarn stash while I mull over how much yarn to purchase going forward.

Currently reading Snow Blind by Ragnar Jonasson.  This author was recommended by Ian Rankin and it's interesting enough I may look for others in the series.

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