Sunday, May 16, 2021

Rainy Sunday


This photo is from a few years ago, after the plum trees have finished blooming.  Today it is raining, a nice soft rain at the minute, but chilly with it.  I won't be going walking today.

Today's Sunday Seminar just wrapped up.  I've sent the link to Birthe but we are waiting a bit to see if Winnie sends the list of books she mentioned.  I have a few books I know of that I can add to the list as well if Winnie doesn't reference them.  Birthe is busy with her gardens and will send the link as soon as she has some time.

For today's seminar, the speaker was in Florida, there were participants from the eastern seaboard of the US and various places in Canada.  And those were just the ones I knew about.  There was also one person from Bolivia.  I don't think we have had any registrations from Australia or NZ.  Unless I know the person myself, I don't really know where they hale from so perhaps there have been and I just don't know.

I didn't sleep well last night (or the nights before) and after getting chilled (again) sitting in the studio, I've decided to declare today a day 'off'.  I won't be walking, but I have a library book I'm enjoying and my spinning, which I've been ignoring.  

Tomorrow I have a 10 appointment, so I'm hoping to weave a couple of towels tomorrow afternoon.  My goal is to have this beige warp off the loom by the end of the week, then get the blue warp into the loom and see how much of the cotton flake is left when that one is done.  Right now I'm planning another blue warp after that one, leaving my options open based on how much of the white cotton flake I have left by then.

There are two warps planned for as soon as this series is done.  Then I will have to decide which direction to go once all of those are finished with.

For the moment I am trying to keep my head down, nose to grindstone and not think too much about the future.  But the time will come and I will be ready for something different.

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