Thursday, May 20, 2021

Down the Home Stretch?


The plan was to finish the beige warp today and begin working on the blue one.  But today got busy and it looks like I'm not going to make it to the loom today, at all.

During the pandemic I have limited my excursions out of the house and when I do, I try to do several things at once.  Today's appointments didn't work out well, but it means that I can go to the bank and deal with a cheque that needs depositing in between massage and chiropractor.

The cotton flake is going away faster than anticipated (in part because of my faulty math!) and so it looks like two more blue warps will use it up.  If there is any left, I also have cotton boucle to use and if I keep that in mind, I could use up the last of the flake before beginning the boucle.  But I will decide that once I've done the above blue/grey combo, plus another more blue warp.

The satisfying thing is that the yarn is gradually going away.  Well, not away, exactly, but transformed into textiles and they store a lot easier than tubes of yarn.  

I have begun posting photos of towels to my ko-fi account and bought more padded envelopes in hopes of selling some towels.  I am looking at doing more stuff on line and may need to get a web cam for my desktop and maybe even a stylus for drawing on/with the computer.  I try very hard to not buy such things out of household accounts, so I need to sell textiles to cover teaching/weaving expenses.

But I was also reminded that I should be providing captions for my on line stuff.  There is a way for You Tube to do that for me, but I need to figure out how that works.

Always something...

Anyway, I'm tired of doing towels.  It's been towels, towels and more towels for over a year (with small detours to do place mats and samples) and with the advent of spring I am looking to change what I'm doing.  Not sure what that will be yet.  Once this run of towels is done I have linen yarn to use as well, but since that would change what I'm doing somewhat, it might be enough of a change.

I have also begun spinning a bit.  I'm not a good spinner, plus I have no idea what I'm going to do with the yarn, but something will come to me.  Right now the goal is to transform the fibre into yarn.  One step at a time.

But for now?  I'm quite happy to see the end (nearly) of the current towel design.  

I'm also happy to see sun today and warmer temperatures.  There have been too many grey days of late.

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