Saturday, May 29, 2021



Yesterday I got to the halfway point of the current warp.  Crossing the grey/blue warp with white means that one side of the cloth is predominantly white, the other shows more of the warp.  The warp colours are very similar in value so the effect is more subtle.  Quiet.  

The variegated yarn has white/blue/pink mostly and is 1/4 of the yarns.  There are also two ends of a brighter blue, slightly deeper value than the rest.

Today I will begin the 2nd half of the warp and since, wonder of wonders, I have no Zoom meetings on Sunday, the goal is to be cutting the rest of this warp off the loom on Tuesday.

The cotton flake is going down nicely.  There are two full cones, about 2 pounds each, plus a little bit left on the current one.  Last night I wound enough bobbins for 2+ towels and it looks like enough for two more towels before I need to begin a new cone.  

I have the yarns pulled for a somewhat darker blue warp, also with the same variegated (Baby Mix).  After that warp, I will work on something different in an effort to use up more of my 'odd' yarns in the stash.  Since I will have some flake left, plus those cones of cotton boucle, I'll do something in plain weave, I think.  The flake works well in plain weave, too.  The towel in my ensuite is one of that quality - 2/8 cotton warp at 20 epi, woven in plain weave with the flake.  It's not as absorbent as something with warp/weft floats, but over the years it has broken in and works fine.

And that's the thing with textiles.  Sometimes they need to experience a bit of life, a bit of 'wear' before they truly begin to shine.

Not unlike human beings...

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