Friday, May 21, 2021



This morning things aligned so that I got that 'perfect' splash of light tossed across my floor.

The front of the house faces more-or-less east and as the sun makes it's annual journey from spring to autumn, how the light comes through the fanlight will move from the floor up the wall and back again.  Until at certain times of the year I rarely see it because it happens in the wee hours before I wake up.

And of course, we need the sun to be shining, as well.

So when I walked into the living room and saw the 'rainbow' of light on the floor I stopped to admire it, be reminded that time flows, one day to the next, and that this particular image is fleeting and needs to be appreciated when it happens.

Just like all of life, really.

Yesterday I never did make it to the loom because I had a busy day with appointments.  But I got some things done that I'd been 'saving' for a town run.  Then I did some digging on line for new methods of teaching - from tools to programs/apps.

Zoom has a 'white board' feature, but I am not finding 'drawing' using a mouse very helpful.  I don't have the time to spend getting more proficient at trying to 'write' or 'draw' in the feature that way so I contacted some people who are way more tech savvy than I am and they were able to help point me in a direction to find out more.  I have also scheduled some training sessions with people willing to help.

Needless to say, that pretty much ate up whatever energy/brain power I had left so the loom had to be patient - as they are!

I did find time to get the next warp organized.  Four spools of the variegated are wound and the tubes/spools set into the spool rack.   Then I pulled more blue for a darker value warp.  And that, I suspect, will be the last warp in the current series.

So today I will finish the current (beige) warp, then cut off, cut/serge the 8 towels, get them through the washer/dryer to press tomorrow morning.  And then begin beaming the next warp.  Sunday will be Zoom, then a real life visit with a couple of friends.  We'll meet outside in my carport, physically distant.  It's been months since we have gotten together, and while we are all being very cautious, it will be good to have some time to catch up.

Tomorrow I will also have a Zoom meeting with someone who will help me with captioning options and I'm still poking around on the internet for options for video clips.  I'd much rather be weaving, but if I'm going to continue this journey of teaching but on line, I need to spend the time to dig and decide on how I feel comfortable doing so.

But for now?  It's time to start drifting to the studio and do some weaving.  The 'perfect' moment of rainbow splashes on my floor is over for today.  

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