Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May Long Weekend


Over the weekend I managed to:

Press 8 towels, ready for hemming (and even manage to hem some of them)

Have a Zoom/You Tube tutorial on how to add captions to video clips on You Tube

Beam the above warp

Two hour Zoom Sunday Morning; 3 hour in person (outdoors, physically distant) visit

Thread, sley and tie on the above warp.

Having been self employed for 40+ years, my concept of 'holiday' is a bit shaky.  Every day was (and still is) a potential 'work' day.

When you love what you do (mostly - not all of it) it doesn't seem onerous to do it every day.  So this long weekend was just another time to keep on doing stuff.

Yes, even 'retired'.  Yes, even during a pandemic.  Yes, even when I don't feel great.  If I can at least get something done in the studio, I feel 'better' than if I'd just given in to the fatigue and lack of energy and sat like a lump.

I also know I need to increase my activity, but right now there is plant sex going on and my allergies have been having a time with all the (first) dust and (then) pollen in the air.  Plus I hurt in ways and places that make walking uncomfortable.  So I continue to give up on that idea.  

Now I have the perfect excuse - several days of predicted rain.  Never mind I have an umbrella (or three).  Never mind I have a couple of rain coats.  

This morning I had to be up 'early' for a 9 am appointment to renew my driver's license.   It meant getting dressed and downtown before I'd had my 2nd cup of coffee and breakfast.  But never mind, I made it.  That has now been dealt with, and early enough I don't need to worry about it.  I really don't like taking care of such things at the last minute.  It used to be because I was out of town so frequently I needed to make sure things were taken care of while I was in town.  Now I just don't want to forget!

As the clerk processed my renewal, we talked about how covid was going and that things seemed to finally be getting 'better'.  We both agreed that we hope things don't open up too quickly.  The nice thing about being first in the door was not having to worry too much about people.  Until the doors opened, everyone in line outside was being quite good about keeping distance and wearing masks.  Something I was relieved to see.

This week I want to work on the blue/grey warp, see how far I can get.  There are no Zoom meetings next weekend but I have to finish writing the Power Point for the one June 6.  Nearly there, just trying to think of anything else I need to add.

I am trying to add one towel each Monday to my ko-fi shop - managed yesterdays at 11 pm or thereabouts.  As always, if you don't see something you like, contact me because I may have something in stock, just not posted yet.

Currently reading Spoils of the Dead by Dana Stabenow

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