Friday, May 28, 2021

New Studio Stool


For many years I used a low stool to thread the AVL.  Doug made one that fit the height I needed it to be.  The cover was handwoven, and has been getting thin around the edges for some time.  

I now use the stool while I beam warps sectionally on the Megado and I finally had to admit that the cover was well and truly worn out - it was time to replace it.

Well, since I AM a weaver, I knew I had some cloth I'd woven for another purpose (and wasn't now likely to use it for that purpose) that would do.  Given the last cover lasted close to 20 years, it didn't matter if this one only lasted 10 - it would likely be enough for the rest of my weaving life, at any rate.

Yesterday Doug took the stool apart and started working on it.  It needed new padding and he found some foam that would do, cut the fabric to size and started affixing the new cover cloth to the seat.  He got this far by the time he ran out of steam, but it should not take too long to finish it off.  If he is still working on it when I need the table, I can just wait until he is done.

The yarn is 2/16 cottolin woven in a 1:3 twill.  I had planned on some summer tops, but since I'm not a big fan of sewing clothing anymore, only one got made and the fabric has languished ever since.  When we did the big studio re-organization, the cloth got moved several times, and now I'm thinking I could use it to do new curtains for my office.  Thing is, there is really nothing wrong with the curtains currently on my office window, so...

Anyway, it's fabric.  I needed some, it was there, it is being used to re-vitalize a stool that I use frequently.

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