Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Little Faith


Finally started weaving the latest warp.  

I admit to a little trepidation each time I set up the loom.  While I bring lots of experience with me, I never really know if what I have decided upon is actually going to work in the loom.

So while I was fairly confident that the yarns as chosen, with the threading draft I chosen, with the weft I'd chosen, would all play together nicely?  There is no way to know until they are actually being woven.

Even so, the first three inches I wasn't seeing something I liked very much.  But this isn't my first rodeo, and I know that it takes more before I can really tell so I pressed on.

By the time I hit 6" woven, I started to settle down, as the threads settled in.

By the end of my second towel, I was pleased, over all, with the results.

What had looked drab before now was beginning to show a gentle quiet confidence.  The green was beginning to show and give the blue and grey a richness, a warmth that I found comforting.

Just because something is handmade, it doesn't have to leap up on a stage and demand to be noticed.  Sometimes I do make things that have more energy, more personality.  In fact the next warp will be one of those.

But for the current crop of grey dreary days, this warp is providing some satisfaction with its quiet nature.  And it's small 'surprise' border of the added blue threads, nearly invisible when one looks at the whole.

Regardless, they will dry dishes.

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