Wednesday, December 2, 2020

And Now You are Two


Two years.  

It seems so much longer ago, so much has happened in the past two years.  2018?  Really?  Yup, two years.

Dec. 2 is also my brother's birthday and as we neared the launch, Ruth wanted me to name a date.  Given the various things going on at that time (conference, just for one) it occurred to me to have it launch on Dec. 2.  

Someone recently asked me what my next book would be about.  I told them I didn't think I had a third in me.

But then I said pretty much the same thing after Magic in the Water...

But there were nearly 20 years between those two books - and that fact still kind of stuns me.  Magic was launched in spring of 2002.  Yup, 18 years ago.  

And my how time flew during those years!

I very much doubt I have 18 more years, and frankly I put pretty much everything I felt needed to be said into this one.  I could have said more, of course, and I will continue to discuss the things I learn on this platform.

Some people say blogging is 'dead', but I still seem to find something to write about.  This year more than before, frankly.  I truly did not have 'pandemic diarist' on my life bingo card.

We are three weeks from the winter solstice, heading into the 'darkest' part of winter.  In three weeks time the sun will rise at around 9 am and set around 3 pm.  

But over the years I have learned that as quickly as it goes away, it will come back.

And so I will continue to encourage everyone to be covid aware.  I will continue to encourage and support people to help them get through this year of disappointments.  

For anyone interested in either of my books, they are available at or ca if you are in Canada, in both 'hard' (paper) and PDF versions.

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