Thursday, December 17, 2020

Winter Sunrise


The winter solstice is 4 days away.  The sun came up over the hill around 8:30 or so this morning - I wasn't watching the time particularly.  (Just checked and official sunrise was 8:25).

The weather has been 'too warm' for December and yesterday it rained.  That means the streets are covered with a layer of ice.  I'm hoping that by the time I need to go out it will have melted.

I was born and raised here and long for 'proper' winter - daytime highs of -10C and a foot or two of snow with streets clear of ice/slush.  Of course what I want and what I get can be two very different things.

Much like 2020.

No one wanted a pandemic.  Too few people believed that we would ever live through one.  And yet here we are.

Saw another video on line this morning, a couple of (white) males trying to enter a restaurant, refusing to wear a mask, claiming religious exemption from so doing.

What kind of religion endorses spreading a world wide pandemic?  What kind of religion insists that because they are 'washed in the blood of Christ' they won't get sick?  And then when members of congregations get sick they assume *someone* didn't pray hard enough?

As a child I was informed that God helps those who help themselves.

During a pandemic of a particularly nasty respiratory infection we do that by staying home, not going out to dine.  We do that by wearing a mask if we do need to go out.  We do that by maintaining distance, washing our hands.  We do that by not being sanctimonious jerks.  

God gave us scientists to study the best treatment for diseases.  Researchers who develop vaccines.  

Celebrate Christmas differently this year so that you can do it the 'old' way next year.

Stay the blazes home.  Wear the frigging mask.  Have the vaccine when you are told it's your turn (some people won't be able to for actual medical reasons.)

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay covid aware.

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