Monday, December 14, 2020

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drying rack with blue/teal towels

The dive into my library was fun but even better it reminded me of why I have held on to some of those books.  I have culled my library several times, one time quite seriously, letting go of some books it actually hurt to send away.  But I needed the money and I had to admit I was never going to be able to use them to their fullest and it was time to let someone else have the benefit of them.

One of the things I've been doing during this time of pandemic is trying to think of ways to keep people looking forward - to what happens after the pandemic is finally knocked down.  (Personally I'm skeptical that it will be vanquished entirely - that we may very well need yearly vaccines, just like for the 'regular' flu, but I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.)  Hence the Sunday Seminar Series, among other initiatives.

So delving into my books was a great way to let newer - dare I say younger? - weavers know about books that they should watch for on second hand book seller sites, or in estate sales.

That while a book may look old and boring, it could very well have a treasure of knowledge they really want to have at their fingertips.

I  have steadily been weaving down my 2/16 cotton stash and the latest batch came off the loom yesterday, into the washer/dryer and through my little press this morning.  

The loom is now awaiting the next warp - pale grey and blue, then the last in this series will be red/orange - bright colours for the darkest time of the year.

Once those two warps are done, all of my 2/16 cotton will fit on just two shelves of one of the shelving racks, not filling every single shelf to overflowing.  Given that 2/16 cotton has an excess of 6000 yards per pound, I consider that I did quite well in weaving most of it in about 14 months.  Given my current health status, etc.

However, even that seems to be more stable and my massage therapist assures me that I should look forward to further recovery.  I know I'm not 30 anymore, but I'm hoping that my 70 year old self can still be 'better'.  Time will tell.

In the meantime I've settled into a pandemic routine that I think I can continue to manage - weaving two sessions per day with some other stuff that isn't weaving but still weaving/studio related.

I'm nearly done the marking for the last crop of Olds students.  Many requested and were granted extensions.  I have one box on hand, just waiting for written work to be emailed.  One person requested an extra extension due to ill health.  And one is kind of in limbo - not sure if that one is going to be sent or not.  

I have accepted two Zoom dates, one in February, one in October.  There is the Seminar Series once a month.  I'm mentoring some Olds students (no I'm not accepting non-Olds students).

But I'm also tired (fatigue comes with the cancer in spite of the remission I was told), and weary of the pandemic and lack of adherence to simple but effective measures like wearing a mask if someone needs to go out in public.  I more than understand that people are sick of the virus but the virus is not sick of us.

Dr. Henry will give the latest numbers at 3 pm today, but I've already heard of a small community to our west that is overwhelmed with COVID and getting some assistance from the military.  Hope they can curb the virus soon.

I am hoping that with the delivery of the first vaccine that COVID will soon be beaten back, but in the meantime...

Stay home if you possibly can.  Wear a mask if you need to go out.  Maintain physical distance.  Meet only in small groups (your bubble if you have one), in well ventilated spaces.

Stay well.  Stay safe.  Stay COVID aware.

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