Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Book Review


Normally I would only 'review' a book I have actually read, but I listened to part of an interview with the author on You Tube this morning and I think this book is something to watch for.

Unfortunately it's rather expensive, so I won't be rushing out to buy a copy, nor is my local library buying new books right now, plus - due to the plague (how appropriate) - inter-library loan isn't operating right now so I won't be getting my hands on a copy any time soon.

However, for those people who have a larger book budget than I do who are particularly interested in Viking textiles, I think you might find this one valuable.

Scholarly books are sometimes a bit...pedantic...but the author read a passage from the book and it felt like a layperson interested in history and/or textiles would find it quite readable.

The author seems to have done at least one TED talk, so you could google her name and see what you think.  Michele Hayeur Smith.  

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