Tuesday, December 15, 2020



With my stated goal of weaving down my stash, I am coming to the nubbins of a lot of tubes of the 2/16 cotton.  

When I put these yarns together, I knew I would be playing yarn chicken with some of the tubes, but seems there are more running out than will make it through this entire warp.  Several of the tubes have even less yardage on them than I hoped, and I was faced with the reality that I wasn't going to be able to replace those pale green ones with more of the pale green.

What to do?  What to do?

Well, there is no law that says a warp MUST be the same from selvedge to selvedge, so I shrugged and pulled out some pale blue tubes and as the green runs out they will be replaced with a pale blue.

I am over the half way mark of the width of this warp so about 1/3rd of the warp will slowly morph (or not so slowly - it depends!) from a medium blue stripe with 5 ends of pale green to a medium blue with pale blue ends.

And you know what?  These tea towels will still dry dishes.  

As human beings we sometimes have a very narrow definition of what 'perfect' is.  Sometimes it's a good exercise to let go of our 'perfect' offering and let the light in.

One of the things I did yesterday before coming up from the studio was to start collecting the 2/16 cotton tubes and clearing off a couple of shelves.  Then started setting out the 2/16 bamboo so that I can see what I have of that yarn.  Like the 2/16 cotton, the 2/16 bamboo also has over 6000 yards per pound.  I have many pounds of it, enough to make scarves for the rest of my life I think!  I also have a bunch of finer rayon yarns, plus some 2/8 Tencel that needs using up.  So I will be putting the bamboo on as warp, then weaving with various rayon yarns, also trying to use up that part of my stash.  

I think that's 2021 sorted...

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