Friday, December 25, 2020



in my Xmas stocking

When you have fibre friends, you sometimes get fibre gifts.  :)  

I was certainly not expecting anything for Xmas this year.  Frankly our wants are few and our needs currently being met.  The past few years Doug and I have been buying things like concert tickets.  But 2020?  Our Cirque du Soleil tickets got cancelled and I don't know if they will ever tour again as I hear they are having financial problems - like so many others. 

So we didn't buy each other anything this year for Xmas, in part because so few musicians/performers are planning tours, partly because we have no idea when it might be safe to attend an in person concert.

However I did get gifts.  One friend gave me a gift bag with home made jam and a sheep ornament.  And this labour of love - a scarf, woven by the friend I have known longer than my other close friends.

I shared the journey of these scarves (she made more than one) so I know the work that went into them.  They are double weave, multiple densities in the warp and weft, linen and cotton.  Not the 'usual' choice for a scarf, but she made it work.  While it has body, it is not stiff and it will keep my neck nice and warm this winter.  The touch of red means this scarf will be a nice accent to several of my coats.  

Woke up to another grey dreary day.  A perfect day for heading to the loom and weaving a couple more tea towels.  I'm really liking the darker blue weft on the grey/blue warp, in spite of the dye lot differences that show up in the weaving, although not in the tube.  However, a dye lot difference will not impair the function and some friends might be getting some gifts in the new year.

Sending our warmest holiday wishes to all.

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